Friday, June 25, 2010

Bollywood’s Hot Celeb Icon- Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty is well known Indian actress due to her incomparable acting she is very popular since last 1991. shilpa shetty gave her first appearance in the film Bazzigar in which she was playing the role of a side role of the main character. But the critics praised her very much and even the Indian viewers also praised her for her acting in Bazzigar. Later on she made the continuous chain of films in more than 50 Hindi films, 38 south films which were comprised of telugu, kannada and Malayalam languages films. Shilpa sheety apart of her professional life, is a good person also. She has never made any kind of over confidence on her won and due to that she became so much popular and the winner of the UK’s reality how Big Brother. After this show Shilpa Shetty became a worldwide famous star in just a night. She tells about her that she never thought that she is beautiful, She just thinks that she has changed physically as well as mentality, it can be seen and observed by watching her first movie and the recent movie Life….In Metro.
Shilpa shetty’s love life was also very fluctuating. She was having the love with Akshay kumar( a famous Hindi movie actor) but later on they broke their relationship.
A friend of Akshay kumar said to a news daily that when Akshay met Shilpa shetty,she was very innocent girl and they had very good relationship with each other and soon Shilpa started to trust on Akshay completely but as the time passed the relationship came to an end.
But shilpa’s film career was much more different and antithetical unlike others. Shilpa was so much serious about her work that she played a great role in the Movie Dhadkan where she again came in front of her ex lover Akshay kumar. But as she is a professional she did not made any compromise with her acting and contributed her full performance in every movie. Later on she made her appearance in several songs such as “mai aayi hu UP bihar lootne” in which the viewer just became fond of her.
Shilpa has very good and strong determination. It can be seen when she was rejected for a ramp model selection due to her short height but due to he strong determination she made it true and today Shilpa Shetty is known to everybody throughout the globe.

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